At The Rose Group, our robust commercial real estate practice offers a wide range of services tailored to our clients’ needs. When representing a business with significant real estate holdings, whether leased or owned, one of the most valuable services we offer is what we like to call “portfolio management.” This is especially true where the client’s business is real estate reliant.

To us, portfolio management takes on a new meaning and is individualized for each client, as each has different needs involving real estate that present unique challenges. We work with the client to develop a plan over time as to how best manage the portfolio. Given that those needs may evolve over time, it is necessary for us to stay in close communication with the client to ensure that all necessary adjustments are made.

As an example, we managed and maintained all legal documents for a fast food restaurant franchisee whose portfolio consisted of approximately 40 pieces of real estate they either leased or owned. We kept a detailed file of important information related to each location, which included deeds, leases, title work, surveys, environmental reports, financing documents, permits, and other contracts relating to each property, as well as relevant franchise agreements. When the client sold its business, having the information and documentation related to each parcel of real estate well organized and readily accessible allowed us to more efficiently and effectively navigate and facilitate the transaction.

As part of our portfolio management services, we also keep track of approaching deadlines, giving our clients the peace of mind that they will not be missed. This allows the client to focus on their business, all the while knowing that we will oversee the small details and manage the overall portfolio, better allowing us to give prompt legal advice when issues arise.

Please contact Christina Ruud for further information on The Rose Group’s portfolio management services.