Why the Rose Group

The Rose Group has provided business law and complex, commercial litigation services for small to middle-market businesses since 1993. The firm has a business team that focuses on commercial transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate management. Our business team helps create value and build businesses. Our litigation team specializes in complex commercial and business disputes, on whichever side of the “v;” we help our clients favorably resolve disputes practically and strategically. The litigation team solves our clients’ problems and, has the ability, infrastructure, and actual trial experience to win complex litigation cases.

Each of our attorneys brings something to the table: seasoned and experienced, young and hungry, smart and practical. We work with clients on a personal level, and we tackle tough issues with confidence. Our foremost concern is keeping the focus of our representation on our clients’ goals and objectives.

We provide a unique perspective and a tailored approach to practicing law. We use a team approach in everything we do. This allows our business team to access advice, counsel, and experience of the litigation team to troubleshoot potentially problematic business issues. Likewise, our litigation team has the same opportunity and access to experienced attorneys that can provide advice and assist with developing creative and informed solutions to complex litigation issues.

Our goal is to use this structure to enable inventive and unique solutions to commercial litigation and business issues, which allows us to avoid the cookie cutter approach to practicing law.

More than attorneys, we partner with our clients to help them achieve their business goals. Expect more.

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