When searching for my 2L summer job, I knew I was looking for something beyond just a paycheck. I was searching for a firm where I would be able to test out my interests and lay the foundation for a future legal career in Wisconsin. After meeting the attorneys at The Rose Group during my interviews, I was immediately attracted to two things: its corporate and commercial litigation practice areas and, most importantly, its culture.

When I was applying to summer jobs, I did not realize at the time just how important firm culture was going to be in making my decision. The Rose Group presented itself as a firm that values each team member’s input and strong work ethic, yet appreciates that each team member has a life outside of being a lawyer. The attorneys recognize that everyone needs time to recharge to best serve their clients. And The Rose Group practices what they preach. During my summer, the attorneys assigned me real, client-centered work, included me in strategy meetings, and welcomed my input. From the beginning, they valued me not just as an intern, but as a member of the The Rose Group team.

Another thing I value at a firm is an open-door policy with supervising attorneys. The Rose Group certainly has an open-door policy because there are no doors on their offices. The office is laid out in an open concept style which fosters collaboration between the attorneys; and their personalities match this environment. Even though everyone is busy, each attorney who assigned me a project always took the time to make sure I was comfortable handling the assignment. In fact, most of the attorneys would go above and beyond to make sure I not only understood the assignment, but that I thoroughly understood the case or transaction my work product impacted.

Most importantly, I was able to test out my interests. From the very beginning of my summer, the firm introduced me to the entire breadth of the firm’s practice by including me in the corporate and litigation team meetings. Over the summer I worked on many different projects in different areas of law. To name a few, I worked on commercial contract disputes, employment discrimination cases, real estate transactions, small business acquisitions, and misrepresentation cases. This exposure to different practice areas contributed to my personal growth over the summer and helped inform exactly the type of practice I want to pursue following graduation.

As a bonus to my overall experience, the firm is located within the old Pabst Brewery in downtown Milwaukee. I knew at the beginning of my job search that I wanted to live in a place like Milwaukee—a relatively large city with a small community feel. Milwaukee did not disappoint. Having just ended virtual learning for over a year, it was nice to be welcomed to an in-person office in such a vibrant and rapidly expanding city. The attorneys helped orient me to the city, which allowed me to truly experience the best of Milwaukee. Plus, the Bucks won the championship, which was well-celebrated by everyone at the firm!

To anyone considering applying for The Rose Group, I cannot recommend it enough. If you are looking for a firm that will diversify your legal experience, assign you real client projects, and consider you a part of the team from day one—all while in good company—then The Rose Group is for you.